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Goats Trump Everything

Ahhhhh, smells of a freshly opened silage pit, the humming of pregnant goats and the beautiful trips from the house to the water troughs with hot water - wait, really!? Is it really that time of year for this crap!? I somehow put up with this eight months pregnant surely I can get through one more winter of cussing the ice and whiny goats demanding their hay bales spread just right in the hay rack. As much as I hope and dream to have a barn up, with water troughs and goat proof gates and a hay loft - we'll see how much gets done in 2017 (ha ha). Not to mention the line of fencing that needs to be up for any livestock can be at the new place. HECK, not to mention us actually getting moved in and settled to our home FINALLY! As much as I've complained though this place will always have my heart. It is the home place of my youth and all my siblings and cousins. We all remember the walk up the drive way after school, the fudge round cookies and perfect sweet tea. I especially loved when the barn cats had kittens and seeing my father tag a brand new calf in the field. My how things have changed some 20 YEARS ago.

Our children will have a place now to call their home. To come back to for the holidays. I can't wait to see them bring new girl friends and boy friends home for sleep overs then dances, dates and family dinners. Weirdly, I daydream about being an old granny with littles running around. I guess our little girl being the last has got that thorn in my side. It is all where it's meant to be though. Every year we say the next upcoming year will be hard and get us ahead. Every year we surprise ourselves and do big, great things. I'm a worried person but I'm most worried for this next year. We all saw the election and we all see the troubles of our country but damn, such hard working people need a break! A new job, a REAL career leaves me with A THIRD of my income paying for healthcare insurance. Not to mention what a sitter will cost us - is it really worth having that dream job? I hope so because I'm rolling with it.

T minus 3 months til fresh cheese, ya'll!

An experimental round of a Cabra de Vino goat cheese for 2017 - yum yum yum with Rockbridge Vineyard's Meritage


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