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Hey Ya'll! We've had so many new followers, new likers, new stalkers, new office people who don't see sunshine, and new people trying our amazing product that we just MUST make this blog post. 'Please allow me to introduce myself'!

Have you heard this before?

I think I've read 15 posts like that just this week. It's a great way to 'reintroduce' and 'reeducate' your audience but damn-it who has time to put makeup on for a photoshoot. Do people still wear makeup? Hell, do people (women, obviously) still wear bras? Maybe I have more freedoms than I thought! In today's world, if you work hard enough and stress hard enough you wouldn't think twice about wearing one. Just me? Probably.

The blog needed an update and I wanted to focus on where we've been instead of where we're headed. The first thing that came to mind was 'I need to do one of those Reintroduction Posts' where the business owner is all dolled up and loving it! It's true they get you motivated, give you tons of information about their mission as well as boosts online traffic and presence. Most of them I'm very impressed with - some of them seem to be word for word from a social media crash course. The closest I came to a professional image of myself was a head shot from the Regenerate Conference that I attended last November in New Mexico. My tiny bit of hotel soap is hanging in there by the kitchen sink. Like a quaint memory surrounded by chaos. The heat shot is nice, don't get me wrong, the margaritas after were better. I had the marvelous chance to travel states away from it all - I was able to reset.

Speaking of a reset - we have taken the opportunity between seasons to replace our original doe herd with quality registered LaMancha goats! It was a quick decision and I'm sort of happy it was because most of the herd was gone before I had time to think about the emotional attachment I had to each and every one of them. A small group of wethers (neutered males) and culled (selectively sold for their poor attributes) will leave Saturday and we'll be left only with the best, most productive does as well as the start to our new registered tribe: Sleepie and Zappa. I will have to say how fortunate we were to have such lovely people provide homes to most of our girls. I am confident that they have warm homes and loving owners in this next chapter.

I had no idea what the dairy and I have been missing out on. Just the pure build of the new does astonishes me. But this blog post is mainly about the original tribe. The tribe that started it all. The cheap misfits that if I had known better would have never been bought. It's very hard not to think about the multiple scams that were handed to me in my green goat age. We provided them with the best that we could and I will always be grateful and owe it to them. I cannot tell you the amount of work, pain, confusion, exhaustion, devastation, hope, happiness, guilt, resentment, and joy came out of this day dream but by golly we did it! And we plan to keep doing it.

So enough of the 'what could have been' and 'what should have been'. Let's look at where we've been and be thankful for every decision, every strand of hope and every hardship we faced. Because ya'know, behind every good farmer is a whole lot of people believing in them and cheering them on (the real take away). Oh, and goat cheese. Gotta have goat cheese!

Happy Cheese Hunting come March 2020 for our 6th Cheese Season!

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