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As our local orders have decreased we have made cheese and soap available for local pick up and or shipping! If there is something you are looking for that we can provide please be in touch. We're heading into 'who the f knows...' time so ya'll take care and eat great cheese while trying to relax and not stress too much. Stress can also cause sickness! Call your neighbor, see what they're planting this year - how can you help when this is all over? How can you barter? Do you know your neighbor?

We may also have compost available for those raised beds. Locally harvested wood chips + great goat poop = perfect living conditions for your Victory Garden! It is very refreshing to see people working together without the government's help. Rockbridge 100 was created to plant one hundred gardens in Rockbridge County. Check them out on Facebook; follow along and or share you garden journey. Rockbridge Artisan Producers had little time to complete the second annual pairing poster consisting of products made in Rockbridge County but we are compiling a list of our local producers - neighboring county producers will also be listed.

There is so much we can do to support each other in this unknown version of how we lived just a month no, just a week ago! Let us keep physical distant, not necessarily socially distant! Small businesses are not sure how they will survive through this - kind words DO help! Pretend like you're rooting for your high school student even if you see there may be no way of them winning. As always please contact us with any questions or concerns!

Take care,


For local pickup : Order Here

For shipped product: Order Here

Buzza - March 2020

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