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Hey There!

Welcome to our farm and my story of starting a micro goat dairy and creamery in Rockbridge County. This lifestyle has become who I am and I wish nothing more than to leave a better world behind for my two beautiful children - making and creating cheese along the way!

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My Story

We're glad you're here - welcome, my name is Emily and this is my story. With the birth of my son in 2012, I was highly motivated to stay home as well as provide for my family while trying to keep my sanity. I was finishing a Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design and soon found out I wouldn't find a compatible job in that field nearby. The insane mountain of student loan debt was softened by my joy in putting together marketing in advance of opening the micro dairy and creamery. I spent close to nine months researching before jumping into a micro loan with Farm Service Agency that ultimately turned into the building I still use today to produce cheese - ten years later.

A long battle with postpartum depression and feeling locked up in house was soon annihilated by seven days a week work and slavery to the goat tribe. Looking back, the work and passion saved my life. It wasn't until after the fog lifted I realized how much I had lost myself. And how much I was still very much grieving losing a child at 28 weeks in 2009. Through sweat, blood, tears, and a few laughs the dairy was born and named Razzbourne Farms after my son. Perhaps one day he too will farm and reap the benefits of being his own boss.

Four years in, my daughter was born and that made things just a bit more tricky. We home schooled for years and did our best but reality set in and I knew I couldn't preform as a mother and business owner 100% of the time - they have since found the best private school parents could ask for! And all things aside - goats are hard on relationships (really, anything you have severe passion for can be hard on a relationship). I relocated the farm in February of 2023 to a property I swooned over 7 years before. Not only that, my mentor lives next door and it turns out my grandfather's cousin helped build the bank barn and owned the property at one time! For months I worked for what seemed like 28 hour days on decluttering, organizing, and cleaning the property to plant flowers in the spring and hang cheese cloth on the clothes line.

Coming into the eleventh kidding and cheese season for Razzbourne Farms, we will expand into a new parlor, hit new production goals, set new expectations, and continue to kick ass (have you tried Kick Ash yet?)! I am beyond grateful to everyone welcoming me back to Fairfield (my hometown) and the many folks who helped me clean and told me kind, supportive things. And to my family, I wouldn't have been able to jump such a hurdle without every single one of you.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities to collaborate. Let's connect!


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