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April 2022

Farm Bureau Issuu:

Goat dairy and creamery relies on former dairywoman

November 01, 2019

Virginia Living Made in Virginia Award 2019

"Made in Virginia is our annual celebration of the Commonwealth’s skilled, enthusiastic, creative people making delicious food, thoughtful gifts, nourishing beauty items, and gorgeous décor. To choose this year’s assortment of items to share with you, the entire staff sniffed and rubbed, admired and sipped and nibbled. And argued. We had a points system, but people are surprisingly passionate about handmade soap. And jewelry. To say nothing of food. In the end, we chose 24 items that represent the depth of talent and breadth of creativity in Virginia. They are bold, unusual, outstanding—as are their makers." -Virginia Living Magazine

June 07, 2018

Farmers of Rockbridge

Razzbourne Farms was featured in a short film about Farming in Rockbridge County. Enjoy!

August 25, 2016

Keep Your Guests *Appy* With This Drool-Worthy Appetizer

Brit + Co flattered us once more with a follow up article showcasing Razzbourne Farms fresh chevre!

July 13, 2016

Make These Artisan-Inspired Appetizers for Your Next Gathering

Brit + Co out of San Fransisco, CA wrote an article featuring Triscuit and Razzbourne Farms!

March 15, 2016

Razzbourne Farms - Growing Better with Age

Our 2016 campaign was meant to raise $5,000 for the creamery to produce aged goat cheese. Little did we know, Triscuit and Indiegogo flash funded 55 campaigns (including ours) just a few days after our original campaign end date. They thankfully extended our campaign in order for us to be funded - how rad!

March 15, 2016

Triscuit Maker Fund with Indiegogo

See the 55 campaigns that were flash funded in March of 2016, including us!

March 16, 2016

Indiegogo Blog

Indiegogo announced the contributions and campaigns!

April 26, 2016

Food Business News

Food Business News did a nice write up about The Triscuit Maker Fund and Razzbourne Farms!

June 23, 2016

The Virginia Goat Cheese Farm That's A One-Woman Show

Food52, made in NYC did an amazing job with this article featuring Razzbourne Farms!

July 05, 2016

Goat dairy in Fairfield aims to expand

The NewsLeader and Clarissa Cooper of Staunton, Virginia did an outstanding job on their article about Razzbourne Farms!

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