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TRUE Goat Milk Skincare

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Goat Milk Soap

Made with our fresh goat milk soap (53% of the recipe!), local beef tallow, and minimal fragrance. We chose to go package free on all of our soaps to keep trash out of the can!

Round or Mini Round

Goat Milk Lotion

Wow - have you tried the lotion? We try to keep a sample at market so come on by and give it a try! Our lotion is lightly fragrant and silky smooth with no greasy finish.

4 oz & 8 oz Glass Bottles, Refills Available

Goat Milk Body Butter

Our thicker, more luxurious option, body butter. With added Vitamin E it makes for a great nightly routine for all day moisture!

4 oz Amber Plastic Tubs

TRUE Goat Milk Skincare Storage Tips

Cheese Care

Goat Milk Soap

Keep dry in between use - a good draining soap holder will do!

Goat Milk Lotion

Keep your lotion and body butter out of direct sunlight, refrigerate if you'd like! Too thick to dispense? Remove pump cap from glass bottle and microwave or warm for 10-30 seconds. The thickness changes with temperature change.

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