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As you all know, our goat cheese is currently seasonal (imagine how many good little boys and girls would have wanted cheese for Christmas!). In case you don't know, we have allowed a maternity leave for our milkers to healthfully prepare for our third kidding season that starts February 10, 2016! With that being said we have four does who either didn't settle (get pregnant) or were too young to breed this Fall. They are available for sale NOW. They will make great milkers and we'd like to keep them but blood work, supplements and feed are costly and imperative to our business! Please contact us if interested.

In other news, we have over a dozen does bred and kidding pens are set up for new arrivals. Each doe will be dewormed prior to kidding to insure there are no residues in the milk and they are not bogged down by internal parasites. They will also receive a selenium injection because our area is deficient and lots of calories three weeks before giving birth. If you're thinking "my nephew John would love to milk some goats!" send him on over! We are looking for a part time intern for February - June to help us with protocols and procedures.

Lastly, we are extremely excited for 2016. There are a few grants out there that may just help us build a cheese cave as well as extend our milking season and product line.

Don't forget to join our FaceTribe on Facebook to keep up with the most recent events and happenings. Enjoy some images from last year's kidding season below; Good Day!

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