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All Things Goat

The cheese season is upon us. I always wish I had product for Valentine's Day but it hasn't been worth while in the past. It's on 'the list' to have a little hearty treat in the future. We do, however have TRUE Goat Milk Skincare available. Mix and match in a gift box if you like! Our lotion adventure has turned out really nice and we hope you love it as much as we do! We will over refills at market this summer so hold on and reuse your bottles, please!

Beyond all things goat we're seeing a shift in our community and our relationships are growing stronger. Come by market this season and let's chat about the world. Or let's chat about baby goats - either way, keep talking and keep moving forward. That's something we can still continue to do no matter what.

We will freshen (bring into milk) 13 does this year with some does coming already in milk later this Spring. We hope to get up to 30 does in milk in 2022. Why talk about 2022 when we just started 2021 - well, heck why not!? Thinking about a highly productive Tribe in the year to come keeps my mind off the other stubborn realities of today. Not to mention all the goals to be met and obstacles to be tackled.

The building is once again VDACS approved. It was something we had to do to ship and sell wholesale to our beautiful retailers. Meanwhile, as our TribeShares grow, we will be stepping away from the state regulations as soon as we can. Imagine making a sandwich and someone comes to take a bite every time you do? That's state regulation in a nutshell.

In short, ya'll stay safe. Keep your hands moisturized with TRUE Goat Milk Skincare and wear your multiple masks if you want to! Get some fresh air and alone time. These Winter Blues can be hard for some, it will get better - spring is on its way!


Augustus, our very first goat kid (2014).

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