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The Price We Pay

Since the very beginning of time..... I mean, since the start of our micro dairy and creamery, one opinion has stuck with me: 'Can't you just put your goats in a yard somewhere - grass is free'. I'm here to tell you a little sumthin' sumthin'. NOTHING in life is free. When she announced that statement to me I felt bad at first. Was I doing it the hard way? Should it really be so simple as putting some goats 'in a yard somewhere'? Fast forward 8 years and by golly what a joke.

Folks may read into what you're doing and what you're not doing without having any knowledge on the subject and that is just plain ol' ,downright, trash. Yes, I said it. Yes, I mean it. Have you ever counted how many pieces of trash you throw away each day? I kept a trash journal one time and it made me sick. But what can we do!? Let's go 'eco friendly and compostable'! Sounds like a great plan right!? But what if 'eco friendly and compostable' costs double of disposable plastics? And then our amazing, lovable, spreadable, sexy cheese has to be more expensive - not cool.

We always wanted to make great cheese, affordable cheese, a great local source of nutrition savored to the very last bite. But now we have a dilemma. Our new packaging that got rid of the labeling price with a food safe stamp is now almost twice as much as the disposable version. How could this be (we all know how and why, let's not pretend)!? In 2022, we will offer container refills to our TribeShare Members. What is a TribeShare? Much like a CSA, you own part of the farm and we produce the goods - just for you!

TribeShares for 2022 are NOW available. With trial and error in our first year, our Monthly TribeShares did not pan out. We will however keep our TribeShare Credits and TribeShare Credit Minis. The TribeShare Credit consists of $225 to spend for the season when you purchase a share for $200. And the Mini gives you $110 to spend for the season when you purchase a share for $100. Use it or lose it during our 9-10 month cheese season. TRUE Goat Milk Skincare is also available to you year round.

How cool is that!?

The only draw back is our contract looks like divorce papers from your ex but it's more of a happy thing ;). You can thank your Virginia laws and regulations on that one - we have to do it to protect not only the farm but YOU also!

Interested in a TribeShare for 2022? Shoot us an email at for more information. TribeShare Members receive monthly updates on new products and what's available to them BEFORE markets and retail locations. Eventually, we'll also have perks to add but there are only so many hours in the day.

For now, happy cheese hunting - our cheese season will end mid to late November and restart in February 2022. Follow along on Facebook for breeding / kidding season antics and new things to come!


Have you tried our Goat Feta? It only took us 8 years to try is out but it turned out pretty damn good! Great on salads and paired with crisp, fresh watermelon!

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