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Always Ask for Help

What would we be without our parents? Distant, cold, worthless and uncaring souls for sure. Some people fit that description regardless but they chose to be that way - it had nothing to do with their parents. Mostly environmental, we are shaped by our experiences and obstacles. A parent is there to help us learn how to survive. Razzbourne Farms believes that the longer the goat kid is kept on the dam the better. We may steal a portion of their milk supply to make you fabulous cheese but the kids are still thriving. Weaning takes place naturally while hay, mineral and feed is provided for their growing bodies.

A preventative deworming schedule has been created to allow the kid to grow stronger and build more immunity against internal parasites. It is one of the last things we wanted to do but with three years under our belt we feel that it is necessary for the well being of the domesticated goat. Meanwhile, disbudding the kids at a few days old also has its advantages. It isn't until you've cut the fence 15 times from a hardheaded goat getting stuck or puncture wounds you have healing from tribal fights that you would realize these advantages. In all reality we are the parent to our goatherd and will do everything in their favor and benefit - much like cloth diapers and goat milk for human babies.

With all that aside - parenting IS hard sometimes and it takes a tribe to raise children as well as goats.

Stay tribal and stay tuned for an opportunity that you can help us with and remember, never worry about asking for help!

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