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Know Your Farmer

The best way to truly know where your food comes from is to know who you're buying it from. Farmers' Markets are perfect for this situation because 9 out of 10 times you're handing money to the person who grew, made or produced your food. Donald's Meats in Lexington is a fantastic resource for meat and other locally made products. You may have even bought a tub of our fresh chevre there last year! Our plans to set up a tasting table and 'meet and great' were overcome by the success of our cheese sales.

With that being said: "hello, nice to meet you!"

Our existing indiegogo campaign tells you a little about where this dream started. See it here: Our Campaign. With a little bit of resources we can do so much more for our community and local business by providing more products for your taste buds, go check it out. Now, my comfort zone aside, here is my story.

I am in fact a fourth generation farmer - whether men want to accept that or not. I great up walking the same dirt roads and jumping in the same cow patties as other Rockbridge County country kids. At the time though, I resenting where I cam from and tried my best to escape. Only almost a decade later I find myself struggling to hold on to my childhood and everything I was trying to run away from. My amazingly supportive and close (by close, I mean know 'EVERYTHING about your life' close) family is a diamond in the rough. Growing up with three other siblings its pretty amazing we're all within driving distance of the home we grew up in. Three out of four are in walking distance. I would not be who I am today without them.

You hear of family farms being split up by generations not wanting to farm or have any interest in living in their hometown - we are the exception. Each one of us is talented in our own way and have one very common interest: the life of the family farm. Although our personalities clash at times, we all can agree to disagree. How many people do you know that has that? That huge value of family and worth?

As for me - I do love goat cheese. I would have never imagined milking goats and processing it on my own though. My husband has stood by my side and seen the blood and tears that have gone into this business - I can only imagine what its been like to look in from the outside. This crazy little blonde with her big crazy dreams, attitude and stubbornness. We have two beautiful daughters, an almost four-year-old machine-loving son and a mystery wild child on the way - due in May! We're pretty much a big pot of crazy over here but I love every minute it. Some days are hard but we look forward to a homestead of our own in the near future.

I look forward to sharing more in my next post!

We're currently living on the family farm, Beautiful Iris flowers bloom by the shop and baby chicks grow...

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