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'Disadvantaged' Farmer

Ah hmn sigh, the most common heard phrase in this journey has been 'disadvantaged farmer'. By now you have realized a certain estrogen-type narrative to this whole Razzbourne Farms thing. For one, it takes a tribe to raise a business - just like a child. "But you'll get benefits for being a woman" or "Ya'll get all the benefits" is really annoying to hear. All. the. time. How about benefits for a young, aspiring farmer or better yet a decent human being? They say you can't start a farm with government money or grants. Well we are proof that you can't start a farm with nothing. Along with the farm debt we have unseen debts to friends and family who have supported us from day one.

This whole 'stay tribal' thing we're trying to promote as our motto isn't just about the group of goats and what they're capable of. It's about family and passion and hope and preseverance. It's about not always being right and accepting criticism. And lastly, it's about love. Sometimes it doesn't feel like a whole lot when you're stressed and confused why things aren't working but without love - we would have nothing.

Now back to business, we have 5 short weeks until Kidding Season begins and 7 short weeks until Cheese Season starts. Most of the kinks are worked out that we went through last year but there will always be more. At this time I would like to thank you for taking time out of your day to read what I'm writing.

It gives me hope.

And remember, Stay Tribal.

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