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Let The Fun Begin!

The Kidding Season has officially begun! At day 147 in her gestation, Ruby gave us two HUGE LaManch bucklings. I'm tempted to start giving them names but we'll sick to numbers for now. These two could potentially be pack goats (we'll see what Angus has to say after I pick him up from school) but would make awesome yard scapers, pets or best friends. They're already approaching me for head scratches. Momma Ruby is doing a fantastic job as a first freshener (first-time mom). She had them standing, eating and dried off before I got up to the barn this morning. By the looks of the placenta they were just an hour old.

I can not stress enough that this is BY FAR this best time of year for me. Happy Valentine's week to me - did I plan this? Maybe... How can you resist these smiles:

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