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Election Day

Happy Election Day! If I see a Trump sticker on your car you will be charged double for goat cheese - because well, if you're that stupid.... No but really, I'll be writing in 'Goat' on the ballot because we're pretty much screwed anyway. We finally have milk in the fridge and our first batch of cheese for 2016 will be made by the end of the week. We plan on delivering to our local businesses from last year as well as a few new ones in Harrisonburg, Staunton and even Charlottesville! Our trips to UVA every two weeks need to be productive! We're very excited for Rockbridge Vineyard's new tasting room addition and look forward to evenings on the porch with good people, good wine and good cheese.

Would you like our products in your store? Just throw us a line and we'll work out the details. Happy cheese buying, ya'll. It will get easier to find us as the season grows and more goats come into milk this month. Check out our Indiegogo Campaign for more information on our aged cheese endeavors and keep a peeled eye for a goat cheese cookbook designed by yours truly - it's plastered with baby goat pictures!

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