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Nothing but Fortunate

Wow - it's amazing how life can be just like a book. Hundreds of pages worth reading that flies by in chapters. I am just about to turn the page on chapter 6 or so of extreme events in my life and it's astonishing to think about! From maturing out of childhood to losing a child to experiencing absolute head of heels love to becoming a mother and graduate and business owner - life. With the absolute author depicting our paths we really have no idea what's on the next page. Enough thought provoking philosophy for the morning - we're going to have a human baby like soon, like in a matter of 5 weeks instead of 10! With that being said there may be a small hiccup in cheese production due to our presence at UVA in the NICU with a preemie. Watch our Facebook page for updates.

Meanwhile, we have four does left to kid and just had a second set of big, healthy triplets arrive the other day. The dam, Dorthy, is our poorest goat and I mean about to be culled goat. Poor thing had such a hard time with worms last year that I thought I'd lose her. After many many weeks of vitamins and deworming she came out looking sleek and prime (even with her ugly scurs - or abnormal horn growth). She continued to prove to me that she needed to be culled when she out right refused all three of her triplets. I probably would have too if I pushed out three huge kids! But then, this morning I went out with three warm bottles only to find one full little belly sleeping in the corner and two happliy eating their breakfast. Her swollen udder must have out weighed her anger towards the kids - score for me!

WE have 9 short days until our Indiegogo campaign is finished. But I went ahead and ordered parts for the cheese cave anyways - I'm just so excited to offer a product with a longer shelf life and more personality. I hope to share pictures of the process next week. We sold out of cheese at all locations three days after delivery - again, please be patient! We'll already have three times as much to deliver next week (thank you to my lovely does and their lovely production).

Happy Cheese Hunting!

We've decided to keep Eyore for breeding this Fall <3

Now that the machine milker is up and running - no more mason jars! These hold 100% hand milked goodness!

You know you're an expert hand milker when there is milk froth!

Hand salting, hand weighing, hand labeling each package - well, because we love our customers!

The final product ready for delivery!

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