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Stay Tribal

What exactly does our motto 'Stay Tribal' mean? All for one and one for all, basically. The queen of the goat tribe puts everyone in their place and creates order. It's interesting how her health determines her status in the tribe and her immediate control over fights and confrontation amongst the other members. The milkmaid and farmer is ultimately the tribe queen. I have got to be able to say a goat's name and expect an immediate response. Some does are easier than others to persuade that I do in fact have some power over them. One can hear it's name in a stern voice from across the field and immediately change body language as another could care less and needs a swift tap of the stick to understand my language.

Humans are the same in the way they speak to one another and unconsciously use body language. The goats have taught me so much over the past four years. They are high maintenance and intelligent animals. Their milk is complex and correlates directly to the health and diet of the animal. One of my biggest dreams is high quality feeds in access and fields of alfalfa to feed fresh to our herd. They say to become a millionaire from farming is to start out as a billionaire - that is completely true. We will continue to learn each season about diet, health, soil and immunity. I can't wait to get some bacon seeds and have whey fed pork in the freezer one day soon! Meanwhile, our cheese cave will get some inhabitants (cheese) next week. It will be available for sale this summer!

Humidity and Temperature is very important in a cheese cave. We've rigged up some aquarium equipment to create the perfect aging space for delicious cheese!

A quick update on our own pregnancy: so far so good. We're technically no worse or no better than last week. The doctors at UVA think the steroid shots may have created a honeymoon effect on the anemia numbers. We go back Thursday with the fetal transfusion scheduled but based on the doppler results. The rate of kicks, hiccups, coughing and punches this child bestows upon me I would never view it as anemic. Even with a transfusion Thursday, we're right on schedule to make it to term. Some women have as many as 6-10 fetal transfusions before induced labor in this Rh incompatibility situation. We're very confident the team at UVA are learning every day on their own level and will give us the best options. We had a tiny window to take some maternity pictures and wow; the photographer has skill because I am anything but photogenic! A lot of my confidence issues as a young adult were caused by my lazy eye and shortness. Ashley Smith Photography did an amazing job and I'm glad she fit us in her schedule!

Indiegogo has extended our campaign 5 days in order to showcase us on the 23rd! How cool!? Make sure to check it out before it ends next week! Thanks BlogTribe and Happy Spring!

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