A Little Bit of Luck & A Lot of Hard Work

If you've started your own business - you'll understand the ups and downs we've faced over the past few years. First came the constant criticism of 'that wont work in our area' or 'what about the what ifs and unknowns'. Then came the 'bless your heart' and 'wow - that's a lot of work' conversations. But then, in the midst of craziness, prepping and execution something changed. The variable was good product, good cheese and happy customers - ALL in little ol Rockbridge County. You might have bought a tub of our fresh Chevre right now and you might haven even licked out the container. And the most amazing part about it is what you really bought was just part of a dream that literally came to life. I would like to say thank you. Thank you for buying our cheese and enjoying our product. That was the goal and I do believe we've reached it!

Just the other day I thought seriously about our situation and where we really want to be. On land of our own with fires in the yard reflecting off of gardens and a little house - home. I sat down at the computer to share our Indiegogo campaign one last time since it was the last day for contribution. The tears immediately began pouring out of my eyes like waterfalls. There was no possible way we went from $108 to $10,108. Was this a glitch? I immediately went over to my email tab and low and behold an email with subject line: Congratulations.

Holy goat, BlogTribe. We were one of 55 campaigns that Triscuit and Indiegogo 'flash funded' and besides funding our campaign they doubled it! Just last week and gentleman named Josh called to see if we'd like to extend our campaign by 5 days. My response was 'will it cost me anything'? He assured me it wouldn't. That sly devil man named Josh also emailed us and explained some things about the Triscuit Maker Fund that just changed our year dramatically. Positive thinking sure is an amazing thing! To top off Spring Break we headed to UVA Thursday to check on our human baby with a fetal transfusion lined up afterwards. Good numbers were given along with a vaccination booster and we were off to enjoy fantastic sandwiches by Baggby's on the Mall. The only downfall to this week was finding out I shouldn't be eating sprouts while pregnant - bummer!

Enjoying an evening in the field near the kid playground - priceless!

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