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Crazy or Capri-crazy!?

The baby human is still holding on to average doppler numbers as of yesterday at UVA. The doctor described our current situation as 'fluffy' and we'll 'remain fluffy as long as we can'. This means that if numbers stay average we'll stay pregnant. If they rise over the anemic threshold we'll most definitely induce labor. This could happen next Friday. I'm assuming I'm still in shock we may have a newborn by the end of next week but my main focus has seemed to land on eating and cleaning EVERYTHING! I look at furniture and want to throw it out or make a burn pile in the yard with the hand-me-down seating and used rugs. Good thing I'm not in the position to move things over 40 pounds... I'm still moving hay bales and goats but being very slow and careful about it. Every doctor on our team has supported my idea that whatever I was capable before the pregnancy is OKAY to continue doing. It's weird asking the hubby or friends to carry feed bags into the building for me, though. I guess I could have been milking that months ago, ha!

I'm excited about a consultation with new clientele next week for marketing and Triscuit, let's not forget about Triscuit. Their people may just be flying in for a quick interview before Friday just in case I'm stuck at UVA for a few weeks. How am I not having a breakdown right now - life is good! Life is so good - my little family might just have a chance to buy land and a home of our own. A hilltop for mountain viewing and pasture for goats and other livestock as well as crops! Life is so good - we have in laws and cousins to see almost every day and help when we really need it. Life is so good - our health is close to perfect and although stress has affected it we continue to push forward and succeed!

Life is so good - so good to us. And cheese - cheese is an amazing living thing! Kick Ash Goat Cheese will be making it's debut (finally!) this summer. With the Indiegogo funds we've gotten our molds, cultures and aging mats. Our cheese cave is at a perfect setting and waiting for cheese and we're still learning new things every day.

Have a great weekend, BlogTribe!

75% of Micro Dairy labor is washing dishes. Milking dishes, storage dishes and cheese making dishes!

Baby Kick Ash Goat Cheese!

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