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Always Anticipate Change

We are officially past in gestation age when we were induced with our first child together in 2012. After our check up yesterday we're still in the 'fluffy' zone with UVA. We made appointments for the next three weeks but will probably not carry after 37 weeks - but delivering at term sure beats a long NICU stay. This is all very exciting but I have never experienced this part of pregnancy and don't really like it so far. I'm beyond exhausted and some times even think to myself that the dairy can just be put on hold - not. Even with the baby goats still on their moms, feeding and watering is becoming a challenge as well as dishes in the building even. Things just seem to take three times longer. I guess I'm preparing for life and work with a newborn....

Speaking of goat kids, we'll be weaning the boys as soon as the baby comes and will start milking twice a day the does who had boys. They could be weaned now but I don't think milking twice a day right now would be wise. We're still producing as much cheese if not more as the end of last season and it's still selling out! We're lucky Triscuit and their people have been so kind to work around our crazy baby situation. We're looking forward to working with them throughout the year. We'll share further as we learn more about the process to come.

Now, I wish this third paragraph could be about the land we looked at and want to buy or any land or any sort of plan to move or ANYTHING pertaining to a home of our own. The stress of the Rh incompatibility, the almost four year old asking a million questions among the daily craziness going on around us is probably at 89% saturation. Just getting a few minutes of quiet time hasn't happened and probably wont for a while. I will still continue to have faith and hope (not necessarily pray) for better times, good conversations and food. How boring life would be without all of this!

Sometimes the girls don't cooperate and passive aggressive training is enforced!

Notes, notes and more notes about notes for each batch help with quality control and great end results!

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