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Perfect Day

I think we'd all like to live the American Dream. That may mean different things to different people but for me - sunshine and being your own boss are key. This morning started out dreary with 100% chance of rain throughout morning chores. Goats hate rain. In order for the girls to get from point A (the barn) to point B (the parlor) they have to walk down an alley under a dripping roof and around the barn then into the parlor over a make shift porch that can get slippery. Goats hate slipping. Today may be the first day I wasn't looking forward to milking. I think being 36 weeks pregnant too had me feeling lazy. But we got started and although it was a mess we got it done. For that the sun came out and began to shine. After everyone was fed, the milk was strained and cheese was flipped in the cheese cave I found more flowers and strawberries to plant and happy chickens waiting on scraps.

It's turning into quite the perfect day especially with the almost four year old in the dirt with me this morning and a very needed hot shower all before lunch. The building still needs to be swept and there are dishes to do but we've been moving a lot slower lately and that's OKAY! Next I plan to make a batch of Rosemary Mint Goat Milk Soap to sell this week for Mother's Day. I'm personally looking forward to the new scent batch. With a few more things authorized, Kick Ash Goat Cheese will be fore sale in local retail locations! It's such an exciting time for the dairy and my husband's business is thriving as well. Barn dreams and house dreams don't seem too crazy anymore. The American Dream!

We received yet another good check up last night with the human kid. We are three weeks ahead in gestation than our first child together. We're prepared for a stressful first couple of weeks milking twice a day with a newborn. All in all, it will be an amazing maternity leave. Looks like even if we get induced this coming Friday we're looking at little to no NICU time which will be a lifesaver with weaning goats and a trip to the market for the wethers. The doelings will remain on their dams until a future date. I've decided to keep three nice looking bucks intact for this Fall's breedings and a later sale of bucks. We're at a point in the herd size that some does will be culled as well - that is farming.

Kick Ash Goat Cheese is sure to please! We're tasting it throughout weeks of ripening to choose the best ripening age to sell it at!

The goats are enjoying a large paddock - part of my family farm. They're still in need to grain to support their milk production but it's so nice to see them grazing!

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