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Lemon Mint

Wow - a new soap for my new mood. I think the best part of being able to be creative is viewing my life from the outside in. When I first started making soap, the scents were pretty cliche and usually what I found online through Pinterest or google. We had Oatmeal Honey and Lavender then Coffee Scrub and Eucalyptus Scrub. How bland. You can literally see self growth through our soap line. I just made Lemon Mint last week and my oh my what a pleaser! I'll be restocking Ashes to Ashes and Rosemary Mint next week - another two that have huge personalities! I know we'll see the same growth in cheese by the end of this season and even more in the beginning of our next (year three - I can hardly believe it).

How's life and business with a newborn and four year old? Well I'm writing this blog post almost three weeks late - that's how it's rolling. I try not to make plans or expect too much. I've even decided to 'let go' of some dreams and 'see what happens' because a lot of it isn't up to me. As fate has it I've had a big girl decision to make and I made it. On my own. With no one else giving advice or opinion. I made it for me and I'm so proud! I'll be sharing later next week. On the sunny note, we're off to give out cheese samples at Rockbridge Vineyard. They have a food truck and awesome music every other Sunday - pretty sweet! I'm looking forward to my glass of Riesling and happy people.

I'm looking forward to being able to afford labels that don't bleed when they get wet!

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