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Every Day is Father's Day

If you know anything about me you'll know about my father. I can't go anywhere without someone asking if I'm one of those 'Heizer Girls'. People seem to think we have no worries and may even be on top of the world. We have worries, anxieties, stress just like you! One thing we do HAVE is an awesome set of parents. Maybe that sets us apart - maybe we're just lucky. I can't remember a single instance when our parents haven't been there for us or haven't dropped everything to make sure we're okay - priceless. With that being said being 28 and living practically 'at home' has it's pros AND cons. Most of you young ladies met your man, got married and moved away or vise versa. Just recently, ALL of my siblings have ended up in the same mile radius of each other - priceless yet frustrating at times.

BUT who out there can say their supportive sister is literally a quarter mile away or brother is even less or another brother there for you no matter what? Who has ever had the chance of 'mawmaw' and 'pawpaw' seeing daily growth in their grand children instead of annual - priceless. But sometimes, you just need to grow up and a bit away from your childhood and start raising yourself and your own family by YOUR ideals and trials. I've left a lot of my decision making up to my panel of judges, er, I mean, family but it's time to sign out and start signing up! Like learning to tie your shoes or ride your bike or pay bills or raise children your own way - priceless. Waking up each day thinking 'WWMFD: what would my family do' or 'WWMFD: what would my father do' is actually quite difficult because I can't do it like them or like him. I can only do it like ME.

With that being said, I've had so many hand-me-down vehicles it's not funny. A cute Toyota Corolla that slipped into a ditch, a granny Oldsmobile deemed the name White Whale that caught on fire, another granny Oldsmobile who's headlights always had a short; all left with awesome memories for sure. I had the chance to own a Subaru Forester that was too good for me at such a young age and then a GMC pickup with a brush guard that tempted me to run over W&L short skirts on occasion. And then, I had kids. One, mind you wasn't so bad but it wasn't as simple as buckling up a four year old and newborn in a large truck with little room for car seats as it was for tools or hay. Priority - priceless.

So my big girl decision last week was a new car - without anyone's help but my husband's (oh, and my awesome little brother who helped me sell the pickup within 12 hours!). It may not seem too big of an obstacle to you but it's something I'm pretty proud of. I can't haul hay bales but I can haul children. I can't haul goats but I can haul groceries and deliver cheese. AND I can zip in and out of short skirts just fine.

My dream car of ten years: the Toyota Highlander. I knew I wanted this car even before getting married or having children. So much room and plenty of power! I'm so glad I decided to stop and look at the price tag because the previous owner was awesome and the transaction was smooth.

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