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Do you enjoy our marketing tactics? Our graphics and photography? Countless hours went into this business a YEAR before we even made our first batch of cheese. Although it didn't cost us anything, image what it WOULD HAVE cost!? At $40 an hour freelance and around 20 hours a week for 9 months that's $28,000 I will never see! Man I'd like to have that $28,000 and counting cash on hand today. With that being said it's time to bring EmHeiz Designs up to speed to EmHeiz Designs and Consultation. I'm currently working on a facelift for my original business. It's been obviously ignored and abused. It's nice to have Razzbourne Farms chevre sell itself and that alone should give me a few hours a week to get back in the designer groove. Wish me luck!

Remember Andy and Stonewall's bachelor pad last year? The huge meadow shared with angus beef calves for the Fall? The three retained bucklings for this year's breeding season just had the go ahead to explore it. They didn't know what to do. I'll be checking on them throughout the day to make sure they learn the ladder okay. I'll feed them in the bunk once a day to keep them used to me which will help during breeding dates with the ladies in September. That's only two months away! We still have doe kids on their moms. My workload is less than last year because well - I JUST CAN'T DO IT ALL! And I've accepted that. Our increase in milking does and cheese for 2017 will be huge! I'm pretty stoked. Scared but stoked. All our attention with media lately has had us sold us constantly.

You'd think people would be giving us land to expand! Rockbridge County's land prices are ridiculous. We even thought about leaving the herd and buying a small home in town just to have a place to call home - we can not give up the dream just yet. If you're reading this and have a 20 acre yard you mow please let a farmer use it. You are a fool and are literally feeding grass so you can mow it. Does that really make sense?

Short Ear, Long Ear and Gray are their names..... Trying not to get attached to these boys. They will most likely be sold after breeding season.

Wide open spacessss! These boys get to see more space than most goats in the world. Lucky!

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