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Mountains of Obstacles

Why is it so hard for farmers? Let alone young farmers, female farmers and people who work for themselves. It's pretty hard to expand with no where to expand to. Right now our replacement does are in a quarter acre lot which has some nice grass growth in it but they will not be able to stay in there long. I'm hoping the senior does magically wean away from them and let me continue to milk once a day. The demand for cheese is so high right now we COULD be milking twice a day for TWICE the milk and TWICE the cheese but hey - why work your life away? It's a task milking once a day and making cheese once a week with the kids as it is. Better luck next year?

Chevre, the delectable soft goat cheese. Spreadable and better on bagels than cream cheese. With a slight sweetness and tang aftermath that will leave you wanting more. If you were looking for cheese this week you may have been sorely surprised at our locations in Lexington, Raphine and Mt. Crawford. We had a slight glitch (by glitch I mean we lost a huge batch of cheese in the process :( ) in our batch this week that left retailers and restaurants hanging - how embarrassing. BUT it has only happened one time last year and we learned something new this year so yay for learning. I cried. I sat in my kitchen and cried. That 'would have been lovely batch of cheese' was thrown to the hogs (literally) and we will start over next week. I did wrap 5 Kick Ash Goat Cheese rounds though and they will be on sale at Rockbridge Vineyards as soon as their labels come :).

Never give up hope, BlogTribe. Never give up your dreams. And most importantly, NEVER give up cheese!

Kick Ash Goat Cheese label has been shipped and will arrive soon!

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