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Hot As Goat Crap

Current temperature outside: 91

Current temperature in our house: 90

Current temperature in the cheese plant: 95

Usually while we're making cheese there is a beautiful breeze coming through the small window through the main door. With temps rising to 96 this week I finally put the AC unit in the cheese plant window (the only window). It is hot as goat crap in there. Morning milkings haven't been too terribly bad with a large fan going on my legs but making cheese has been deathly. While the pasteurizer is hitting it's 145 degree mark and staying there for 32 minutes, you will in fact find boob sweat and every other body part sweat. It's gross and I want a shower in my dream cheese plant building now.

To add to the heat, baby cheese maker had 5 vaccinations today and yet another heel prick for screening. Supposively she had a different blood type than me thus we had Rh incompatibility issues like we had before with our son but low and behold her blood type is exactly like mine, A negative. Poor girl has had a rough day and now sweats in our hot house. We'll be heading to Mamaw's in the AC as soon as this batch of milk is finally done! She's a trooper but not happy at all. The goats don't seem to mind the heat too much as long as I dump and refill their huge water troughs every single day, twice even. They hate warm water in the summer - who would?

The pasteurizer is almost at maximum fill this week. I hope ya'll are ready to buy and eat some cheese! Don't see us in your weekly store you visit? Please ask them to ask us for product! It's the only way small business survives - by word of mouth. Like us? Review us on Facebook or email us your personal experience! We'll spot light you on our webpage and or social media accounts and everyone wins. Until it cools down, happy cheese eating!

Ya'know what's hotter than goat crap? Washing dishes in a 12x12 room with an obnoxious fridge and pasteurizer going!

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