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You wouldn't stand outside in the middle of the night while it snowed and was 35 degrees, would you? I would. For my goats and to provide for my family, I would. As breeding season approaches the barn is looking smaller and smaller to me. The hay bales are looking heavier and heavier. And that path to the barn looks a mile long. I'm dreading it. Not because I don't want to do chores in the Winter or dislike my work. I'm dreading it because we're almost busting at the seams here. I'm constantly lifting a cinder block that keeps the gate shut or slipping through the goat door of the building to get around goats to the milk pump. There's miles of fence I'd put up to make things run more smoothly.

Man, would be nice. Or rather, WILL be nice. We are tip toeing around ideas, dreams, reality and cash flow in relation to purchasing a piece of property. As it's so exciting and I'm trying not to pack the house up - we're talking about another huge chapter in our lives about to unfold in front of us. It has taken my breath away the past week since we walked the perimeter and saw the (our) home. I think I'll dabble some more in crowdfunding to see if we have any last resources to help us along the way. The support of our community is huge and we may need to call on you one last time. I wouldn't be asking if it weren't worth it.

See, we'll need A) fencing B) shelter and most importantly C) to move the beautiful 12x32 building my gracious husband built me on skids. This all of course comes if and when we complete a contract and financing. Anyhow, I'm trying not to get too excited but IF RAZZBOURNE FARMS MOVES, I'll be totally stoked. Meanwhile, the hubby sold his first harvest of hops the other day at a local brewery in Charlottesville: Three Notch'd which will make a local wet hop ale from them with other locally grown hops, how awesome! Beertastic! I highly suggest visiting their tasting room and checking it out. We have so many things we have passion for and could do with a little piece of land. The American Dream!

Hops are harvested once a year and then either thrown into a batch immediately or dried and pelleted for future use.

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