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A dairy can not survive without a milk supply - obviously. Animals produce milk after they give birth to their young - duh. So who draws the line between 'stealing' from the goat kid and using the overproducing doe's milk? Of course PETA has it's say on EVERYTHING farmers do but I don't know about you but I LOVE goat cheese. The only thing I love more than goat cheese are happy, healthy goats. With that being said we introduced the replacement does back into the main herd today after a 30 day weaning period. Guess they had other plans because our milk count was cut in half this morning. We'll always be changing our routine, especially when we move.

So this evening we will separate them once more for dinner and let them back to the main pasture after breakfast. They are looking so good, overweight even so the exercise wont hurt. A little extra walking never hurt anyone. I thoroughly enjoyed the mother daughter reunions yesterday though. And thankfully, no one got out of hand on welcoming the young does back into the group. Dee, the queen bee acted aggressive through the fence but was surprisingly delightful when the yearlings were let out. We'll try again tomorrow.

Are ya'll ready to be weaned from fresh chevre? Sadly in just a few months the girls will be dried up so they can grow some more cute baby goats in their bellies then the wave of kidding season will set in around January and February. We'll be stocking the cheese cave as full as we can starting next month to have cheese available for the holidays. Kick Ash goat cheese and Cream Cache goat cheese will have a shelf life of 90 days uncut versus the two week self life of the chevre (who keeps it in their fridge for more than a few days - anyone?). It can be frozen for up to a year so stock up if you're now addicted and in need for a yearly supply. Seasonal products confuse some customers but a true, artisanal cheese is worth the wait!

As long as you buy it, we'll keep making it! Thank you for all of your support! This chevre is getting ready for a farm open house in Fairfield, Va. One day we'll have our own open house

I'm darn tootin' proud of my kid crop this year!

A local restaurant is interested in goat meat for 2017 - buy local, eat local!

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