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If you're reading this then we assume you're following our Facebook page or as we call it, our FaceTribe. It is a wonderful outlet where we can post fast updates and amusing pictures of goats and babies. We'd like to take a moment and say thank you for reading our blog - it is the least traffic making digital media so far in this game. Yes, game. This game of counting gallons, counting teaspoons and counting pounds of cheese. By goats, we love it! Our 2016 cheese season will end on batch 66 and we estimate starting our 2017 season by the end of February. There will be lots of baby goat pictures going up the first two weeks of February - lucky you!

Some does are already showing tell all signs of pregnancy and the kidding season wave to come. They are happy to dry up for the season and enjoy their grain more. Maybe they feel the extra calories that have gone into the milk pail throughout the summer. We are so proud of them. The first fresheners definitely proved themselves milk stand worthy and the upcoming first fresheners are sure to surpass them just by looking at their growth and immunity levels. We are stoked for kidding season.

Some Winter project include:

- Setting up a gazillion kidding pens, somewhere?

- Setting up a space for hay storage, somewhere?

- Drain all the water pipes to prepare for freezing

- Reseal Cheese Room floor

- Eat Cheese

We'll see how much of that gets done before the first snow but meanwhile, happy cheese hunting! Our final batch will be made next week!

A sexy hunk of Cream Cache preparing to be wrapped and packaged!

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