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Have you downloaded the last iPhone update recently? Gah, things are constantly changing! Even bringing our MacBook Pro up to speed took a record breaking 12 hours. Our BlogTribe will decline to once a month posting because well, we all need a break. The holiday season is upon us and we're checking our email daily on updates of our loan application and closing of the new property. We were hoping to be my turkey day but we'll see how that goes. It's weird not having cheese to sling each week and countless mountains of dishes to wash. Time spent in the building has been minimal (although we do have so much work to do for the upcoming cheese season). Probably the most stressful thing about a seasonal product are the few months 'off' with no income. Our soap sales are holding their own but there's always supplies for next year to start listing and big improvements at the new place to ponder about.

A part time job really isn't feasible for a mother of two young children. Childcare would cost more than we'd make not to mention the added fuel cost. We'll be spending plenty of that once we move and I travel back and forth to the goats for a while. TOTALLY worth it in the end. We daydream often of making coffee in our kitchen and decorating for Christmas. Having company over and enjoying the scenery. It's going to be amazing. The sweet smell of pine coming in through the kitchen window and joyful dinners with my family when they visit.

There really is so much to be thankful for. Even getting deathly ill with pink eye and flu like symptoms, I enjoyed the three days of non stop sleeping and rest. The house is a disaster but who cares. Hopefully we'll get some good phone calls and emails this week and we can plan for the following months rather than sit around a wait. Just like updating our phones and computers, some things take time. We're loving the new Sierra update for Mac though. Again, worth the wait. The goat bellies are getting big with babies. In just a few months our tribe will triple in size - holy goat!

Ellen is eating a breakfast of grain, as much high quality hay and minerals as she wants and clean water each day to prepare for freshening in February.

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