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90 Hours A Week

Ever wonder when you'll actually get to live this so called life? Like really live it - see the mountains, the oceans and the rest of the world. Dairy farmers are shackled to their dairies having morning chores end pretty much when evening chores begin. They work their hands to the bone to make that dollar per gallon and are told what their product is sold for - no thank you! Razzbourne Farms has been fortunate enough to land in a niche market being the sole goat dairy and creamery in Rockbridge County. We've jumped through hoops, spent A LOT of money and used up A LOT of time. I still wake up happy about it each morning!

Writing about our upcoming THIRD cheese gives me chills. Not only have we 'made it' we've created three, soon to be five, amazing products that we sell wholesale to benefit other local businesses and their products. The health of our animals has drastically improved with deworming protocols and lots of foods stuffs mixed into three separate recipes for throughout the year. Although our local Coop has discontinued selling some of our choice grains they have worked with us to find better options for our buck. Our local vet is on board and helped us take 24 blood samples for our annual blood testing (which ever license dairy must do). Our VDACS inspector is amazing and we shutter at the fact that he is trying to retire! Not to mention our community that enjoys our product and let's us know it!

Everyone involved has been accommodating and amazing in many ways. We're now prepping for inspection and cheese will be back on the shelf shortly! Some set backs for our deadline include: expanding our kidding area and kid holding area, our three bay sink faucet broke and the entire thing needs replacing, the floor will be deep cleaned and patched and the numerous supplies we'll need have been ordered! All of this with a full time job (which I absolutely love) has been challenging but totally worth it.

Happy cheese craving, ya'll.

We are currently looking for a mini hay baler!

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