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March Madness

It's hard not seeing the kids - my human kids and the goats! And when we do get to see the kids we're rushing out the door or rushing from the babysitter to home to dinner to bed. Rush, rush, rush. I used to think I rushed through the day full of chores and house work but now those things take seconds or are avoided all together, gasp. We're finally HOME to enjoy the woodstove but we're hardly here to enjoy it. One day it will be different - is that what people tell themselves until they retire and are left with broken souls and bodies? Sorry, not to be a downer but geesh this is not what I signed up for.

Our cheese season is a little behind but is ready to start any day now! Inspection went well and new supplies have been ordered. The goats look great even though they've outgrown their stay in the 10 acre paddock at the home place. We've slowly dug in to preparing the first paddock at the new place - lots of stumps and pokeys to pull out and burn! We walked the property when it was green and I was taken aback at the massive, two story tall piles of brush to be burned in the lower 10 that magically appeared this winter. But surprised at a promising lower hay field for my day dream of mini bales! One of our close neighbors has a mini hay baler and I will definitely stop by during hay season this year to pick their brain about it.

The silence is beautiful here and although I miss my family dearly, I've come to realize I have my own family that got the back burner to some childhood dreams and hopes. I think people want to follow the dreams of their ancestors and take care of old, inherited land but I've decided this new place is for my great grand children and somewhere for them to prosper, without fuss. This unaltered land needs work but it will be beautiful and natural and nutrient rich with trees not being a burden and wildlife still inhabiting.

I'm going to be honest, cheese is not my priority this year but there will be cheese. Glorious cheese that attacks your taste buds with something you've never felt before. Something that moves you to the next bite and the next. Our cheese is literally full of love and passion, strength and hope, caring and sensitivity - just like the milk maid, the cheese maker, the mother, the wife and the entrepreneur that came from that old, inherited land.

Just a few short weeks and you'll see that teal and red logo back on the shelf!

We only disbud (burned horn buds) the doelings this year. One because I have no time and two because it really didn't make a difference at market (meat, yes meat). Remember Andy? This is his grandson. Andy is laying around WV retired with some family milk does. I'm so fortunate to hear updates of his happy life. He will live on through our heard through our retained does.


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