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The Universe Calls

I went to a Customer Service workshop a few weeks ago that made me cry. It didn't make me cry because it made me sad or scared, it made me cry because it woke me up from this so called wonderful life we live. The woman presenting was kind hearted and had a beautiful personality but I think what impressed me most was how she dealt with people and obstacles in her life. In short, she didn't take anyone's crap. Although she might have smiled as she talked about her life choices and circumstances she also made it clear to the crowd that no one would put her down or talk to her in ways that made her feel less. An honest statement of 'no one in this room is better than me and I am no better than anyone in this room' stuck with me for a long time after. I kept rereading the workshop title in the handouts expecting it to say 'How to Navigate Through the Sea of Jerks in Life' or 'How to Stand up for What You Believe in, What You Are'. Nope, it just said 'Customer Service Workshop'. I mean this lady had everyone involved and talking and nodding their heads.

The point when the tears started flowing was her description of listening. She said find a 6 year old and listen to their stories - it's the best practice. Not only have I missed so many stories from our 5 year old in the past 6 months but I've missed out on his excitement and anticipation for kindergarten, his feelings of being alone and without me and all the coloring pages we would do throughout the days. Gah - terrible mom feelings that I'm sure everyone has. I immediately wanted to leave work, start a home school curriculum and knock out some dang cheese to sell and provide for my family. In this case our son would prefer the new friends and playground so we'll plan on that and cheese. CHEESE CHEESE CHEESE! Yes, I'm getting your calls, emails and text messages! I thought I could slip by with throwing just a few tubs of cheese per week but NO, I have heard your beck and call!

Within two weeks we will be back on schedule with our projected 60# per week in chevre, kick ash and cream cache. Please accept this as an apology - I got lost in my travels but soon figured out how to navigate to the main road! Meanwhile, Bertha our pasteurizer is pretty lonely and would like to come home! Since we've move across the county we have been working hard to clear a pad for Bertha and her home. #helpberthamove !!!

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