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Get Your Goat - Join the Tribe

PHEW! Did you think we fell off the face of the web? Not quite, but sort of.

In a nutshell - the new property has been awesome! The cool summer nights with full view of the moon and lightning bugs has brought life back into our dreary souls from Winter. The driveway was given a much needed hair cut and two goats are currently grazing on goat salad (poison ivy, autumn olive and multi floral rose). We could not be happier with the property that chose US to be its owner. You can find updates of our progress on the FaceTribe, InstaTribe and TwitterTribe!

Not only have we moved and our brains are unloading on the 30 acres but a new remote job has given me time to wash more dishes. Ah, yes, dishes. Milk house dishes, milk plant dishes, whey dishes, cheese dishes, goat feed dishes and the ever constant hand washing. I'm actually looking forward to the smell of a buck this Fall to replace the smell of bleach and milk detergent. Ha!

The crop of wethers sold pretty well this year (it jerks my heart every time) and the income will help us move our infamous building that contains Razzbourne Farms. We've had our building movers assess the situation and route the journey (very professionally). The new pad will be cut and graveled any day now along with grading and graveling of our beautiful driveway. We will build a family sign for the entrance and adorn it with seasonal flowers and hand set fence that will contain our creatures.

Talks of working dogs, hairy cattle and fresh hop ale comes up in daily conversations and we couldn't be more TIRED! But the tired is good and hopefully will not last forever (so we think). Even if it does there is some sort of closure in the fact we can be tired, lay in our own home and continue to dream the American dream. Our children will thank us one day. We are so blessed.

Chevre is in full force in production AND demand - thank you all. Kick Ash just rolled out of the cave and is once more melt in your mouth delicious. Cream Cache is not far behind. Our hopes to start two new cheeses this season proves to be time consuming - the one thing we don't have at the moment: time. But not to worry because we know if will happen eventually, when the time is right. An underground cheese cave and more permanent milk plant is in the planning phase - if you know us, it will take some time to get out of that phase but still, you have to start somewhere!

We are so thankful for the FaceTribe that follows us, the retailers who have supported us from day one and the customers that enjoy every bite of our fresh and ripened, goat cheese.

Now, did I mention how tired we are - Goatnight.


Momma needs more room for clean dishes, dirty dishes and hanging cheese!

Cocoa shows off her slicked off coat. She is always the first to shed 100% for the Summer. She is such an easy keeper and is already on a diet!

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