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Time Flies When You're Working Your Ass Off

We bought our property in January and have been here only 6 months but HOLY GOAT - we've made a lot of improvements thus far. Eight hour days turn into twelve our days because we want that extra time on our land and around the house on top of working our day jobs and keeping up with records. Not to mention our little man will start kindergarten this year (cries) and our sweet baby girl is now one. Time flies when you're working your ass off but I don't want to miss any little thing. I guess moving twenty minutes down the road struck a cord inside me that has constantly reminded me time IS moving and it's moving fast if we don't watch. There are many country songs that talk about it.

So just like this blog being an after thought, some things just wont get done. Like paper work or dishes or fun things and friends. I think fun things and friends will get more attention once the dairy is moved. The new driveway is in and a nice, flat pad is sitting ready for the building. It's such a nice spot we're planning to have a fire on it this summer for kicks. There are a TON of sites that would be perfect for YogaTribe goat yoga which is still in the works and many many potential hammock sights and bon fire spots. We are so happy to be home.

Phase 1 of Phase 4 is officially done. I'm actually looking forward to the end of this cheese season because that means moving day for the building is upon us! We will move all the equipment out, set the building, fix a handful (haha) of cosmetic stuff in the building then reorganize and get VDACS approved at the new location. With that being said we have at most 15 weeks of cheese so make sure to get yours while supplies last!

(Left) A zen driveway to our front door as well as the future pad for the building. (Right) Kick Ash showed me some love the other night when I was feeling blue.

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