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One Hoof Forward, Three Hooves Back

Those three forbidden words almost crossed my lips today as my knuckles turned white squeezing the steering wheel. It only takes twenty minutes from our new beginning to my family farm but today the ride back home felt like it took hours. So many people these days have said those three forbidden words: I give up. Everywhere you look someone is going through something. Not to mention HEALTH CARE and POLITICS but this is not a health care or politics blog so be gone trolls! It is about farming and producing value added products as well as raising a family in a small town in Virginia. It is about the goats, the good, the bad and the ugly. It is so much about the happiness in seeing new life but it is also about the devastation. The blood, sweat and tears - literally. The idiotic conversations and the supportive family and the friends who are practically family.

Why so glum - mum? Besides the fact our life will get more expensive next year (thanks health care, thanks politics) we have a lot to do before our fourth cheese season in February 2018. The facility building made the trip but still needs water, electric, a new cheese room floor, more storage, a layer of paint and supplies. Our perimeter fence is almost complete with just 300 feet or so of board fence and patch work to be done in the back. We are hopeful to be funded a grant through NRCS for a second well (have I mentioned we've barely had water since April). I have yet to flag off a spot for a temporary run in shed for kidding to take place and today everything is just weighing on me especially because dear Penelope lost her babies. I've kept a close eye on Penelope the past three days like a child that I know feels bad. I prepared for a parasite infestation or even goat polio because she was favoring both of her rear legs. Today I found blood. The kind of blood you don't want to find two months into a five month gestation.

We have been very fortunate that this hasn't happened more often and I pray that we do not lose any more. We now have 15 does bred for February kidding and 11 does will be bred for November kidding. We hope to have two groups kid at different times to provide you with cheese year round in 2018 - do not get your hopes up but that is the plan. There are so many things I wish to do in 2018 that are exciting and will be so awesome and we think you'll think they're awesome, too! Some say we're 'in it to win it' but honestly I just want an appropriate barn for my goats and to make artisan goat cheese through that plateau in life cause ya'know I'll hit 30 in 2018 - gasp! In the meantime, ya'll take care of your loved ones and hold them tight this holiday season because who knows what awaits us in the near future. Protect and cherish your passions and most importantly eat good cheese!

Happy Holidays

Maggie dog is proving to be a difficult pup but responds to all commands and loves the goats. The building traveled from Fairfield to Kerrs Creek October 30th and was loaded and delivered by a 19 year old! Penelope as a kid was the star during the Triscuit Made For More campaign.

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