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Skipping December

Oh tax season - have I missed you! It looks like taxes wont be so terrible this year with more profit and less to write off but we'll see what the tax prepare business decides to charge this year. I actually thought of getting in on the Turbo Tax Home & Business deal but things change every year so I don't know if it would be worth the stress or not. In other news, baby goats are on the forefront! Will they kid in Fairfield? Will they kid in Lexington? Honestly, we do not know at the moment. But we will try our damnest to get them home in time to kid at home. Let's see, we just need to hook up water and electric, finish a barn, finish some (haha) fence and order supplies. Easy peasy, except, there's always an except! Except we barely have water as it is, it's been too cold to work outside and the ground is frozen. Yay!

Still I think of baby goats, warm goat milk and the hum of the pasteurizer on a spring evening. Whether it takes us days, weeks, hopefully not a month to get there, we will get there for our FOURTH CHEESE SEASON! How awesome that sounds out loud. Four short years ago we were hooking up electric and water to the building someplace else to make cheese there and meet your demand for a wholesome, local product. We were meeting our future customers and retailers and restaurants and TRIBE. We weren't thinking of the WalkTribe or HikeTribe or YogaTribe or any of the sort. We just wanted it to work and succeed. And that it has!

Once up and running at home we will sort some crinkles out of our clear looking plan to involve you in everything goat. We appreciate your friendship and purchasing our cheese in the last handful of years and look forward to providing you with that wholesome goodness for many years to come. From everyone at Razzbourne Farms, we hope you had a merry holiday season surrounded by family and friends!

Happy Cheese Hunting - March 2018!

Magnolia (Maggie) ventured into our family in September 2017 and we couldn't be happier to have her by our side! Her coyote killer attitude will allow us to sleep easy. Our new drive is bordered by trees and has been greatly improved with a trim. Retained does from 2017 ended up enjoying a summer stay at a neighboring barn with rotating paddocks and LOTS of honeysuckle. We can't wait to welcome them home with the pregnant tribe.

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