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Wildflower vs Wallflower

Wow, how is it June!? Looking back at the last blog entry (January !!!???), how naive I have become! And yet, this time 'off' has been well spent. Long story short, I am waiting on men. Story of my life. I am waiting on men to have time to dig ditches and drill wells and build fence and hook up water and tell me how I'm doing everything backwards. Pretty sure if I had the equipment and knowledge I would be out there digging to China as we speak. BUT thank GOD for those men. Thank GOD for those men who are working long days and nights to provide for their families. Thank goodness for MY man who has stuck by me from day one, or two goats, as we call it.

We are late. Late for a very important date. The most important date - getting cheese on the shelf and in your mouths. That creamy, sexy silk that is local goat cheese. That unique pop of flavor and locavore firework dancing on your taste buds! Trust me, with my frozen stash sold or ravished by our toddler - I AM WITH YOU! So what's the deal? Have you ever moved an entire operation, family and farm 20 miles down the road? Well, I'm telling you, it has been exciting but the state of despair follows me around like a bottle fed kid. I bleached a load of whites the other day and daydreamed of cheese molds freshly washed and disinfected. I catch myself looking at the monthly milk spreadsheet, astonished there are no scribbles and or daily notes written down.

There will be cheese, ya'll. There will be a glorious first batch of cheese this FOURTH cheese season like there never was before. But be prepared for cheese hunting. There is a 'list' and it's getting longer. I almost feel like Santa Clause - 'this retailer has been good, this retailer has been naughty'. Not to worry, we will take care of our select group of original supporters - you know who you are! And we genuinely miss the weekly conversations at delivery and relationships we've missed out on so far this year. This wallflower turned wildflower will never forget the supportive pep talks, the 'you can do it' speeches and the many MANY slap on the backs. Thank you.

A very special thanks to Bruce and Jenny Young for making us look good on their original 'Farmers of Rockbridge County' film. Be sure to check in to the Rockbridge Regional Fair and Expo which promotes Rockbridge County agriculture, commerce, innovation, and community!

View Film Here:

Razzbourne Farms - Home is where the tribe is. Our new slogan will appear on 'RazzSwag' soon!

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