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Hurry up and wait - or in our case - hurry up and hurry up and hurry up and WAIT. Where is the freaking goat cheese you ask? Well, currently, I am enjoying a tub while writing this blog post (too bad you can't taste it through your screen). Any-who, who's ready? I'm ready, you're ready, the goats are ready, the building is ready - come on! We are literally waiting for the labels to come in to be smacked on those tubs and hallelujah, it's raining goat cheese! I'm super excited to show you our new labels and some meet and greets with our tribe of supporters on social media. We even met some amazing people today who we will jive with this year if not next season - I'll give you a hint: an apple a day keeps the doctor away! Collaboration at its best in our small hometown.

If you're new to our story, here's some quick facts for you:

2013: We decided two goats would be nice

2014: Two goats turned into six goats and a dream

2015: Six goats turned into thirteen goats and we made our first cheese for sale

2016: Thirteen goats turned into thirty goats and we were funded by Triscuit to continue our dream and we developed two bloomy rind cheeses

2017: Thirty goats turned into.... a lot of goats, we came up with a third bloomy rind and two semi hard cheeses TBA

2018: A lot of goats needed a lot of water and we finally got it... ...half way into the cheese season

To the present, we've made cheese and by law (thanks government), there are things (dumb things) we have to hurry up and wait on. Like signing insurance papers, waiting on new labels with our new address and material orders. BUT within a matter of days we will FINALLY start distributing cheese throughout Rockbridge County and FINALLY start our very very late FOURTH cheese season. At least we wont have to do THAT again (crosses fingers).

Happy cheese hunting!

Below you'll find our first indoor goat, Radish. Followed by a very pregnant milkmaid holding twin bucks. Lastly, the real reason it has taken so long - the effects of rain on electric and water line ditches!

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