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Waste Not, Need Not

It's hard not to dream about retaining all the doe kids and growing into a new facility. It's really hard not to dream about a commercial washer and dryer for farm clothes and a commercial dish washer to wash the repeatedly dirty milk house dishes and equipment. A daytime nanny would be nice and a constant clean house - who wouldn't want that!? Although I look around and see a constant stream of dirt and grime come into our house it is ultimately our home. This place was patiently waiting on us as we were patiently (haha) working toward obtaining it.

This year will be the first year we have a proper kidding paddock, a frost free watering system, and our goal amount of goats (where we wanted to be). I am beyond thrilled to tell you there is milk in the tank and cheese will hit the shelves very soon! Among the chaos I am also working on a little project supporting local products and their producers - more on that later. Waste not, need not: the big dreams are what make things possible.

Happy Cheese Hunting, stay tuned for updates and deliveries!


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