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Cuddle Your Goats

We've recently received tons of applications to our Internship 2019 position and I must say, the shit people say are hilarious. I am not going to sugar coat this post for anyone - how can some people think this way? What have we become!? Let me explain. There was not one but THREE people who applied stating 'I am the best candidate for this position because I love animals' OR 'I would die to cuddle baby goats all day' OR 'You must love your life, cuddling goats all day and watching them play and folic'. HA!

I literally spit my 6th cup of coffee all over my laptop and then scrambled to clean it up before permanent damage set in and I couldn't write this blog post.

As we all know, cuddling goats and goat yoga are the new trend of Agritourism events all over the country. And to be honest, when we are open to the public we will probably also partake in beautiful farm dinners, barn dances, etc. BUT when you use your hard earned dollars to go cuddle some goats just remember, it is all staged and is NOTHING like owning or working on a small or mid sized dairy. I apologize if my response to your application stated 'this doesn't seem like the position for you' but shit. Literally, SHIT, you will be covered in it and it will surround you daily, all day. You will clean shit off walls, floors and out of the barn. Unless your pave your entire farm, you will trudge through it to fill water troughs and feed hay. You will have to figure out how to manage all the shit and spread it across your land to fertilize and keep your barn yard clean.

And then, guess what!? No matter how clean you think you are, there will always be shit on your elbow (or better yet your face). And you wont notice til you look at yourself in the mirror at night before bed. So before you apply for our Internship Position I hope you read this post first because below are images of the only things you will be cuddling on our farm - but I guarantee you will be proud of yourself by the end of the day.

You will cuddle this broom and mop until you see clean walls and floors.

You will cuddle these troughs and feeding buckets and all the other buckets on the property once a week.

You will cuddle three bay sinks for 75% of the time. :)

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