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Just Like That

And just like that, we're nearing the year 2021! Who didn't dislike this year at one point or another!? So I urge you to let go of it early and look forward to next year with awesome things to come! Here's a short recap of our year at the dairy.

January - We sold our entire tribe of goats (Oh man, was that hard)

February - We brought in a whole different pool of genetics and some really nice quality lines

March - The Pasteurizer (Betsy) fired up once more from her three month hibernation


April - A little scary, we lost all of our open accounts and most retailers during the shut down BUT we started an amazing little farmers' market with friends in our area: Kerrs Creek Community Market

May - We planted some trees, made soap, and had a good ol time at home for the most part, we dabbled with online sales but shipping proved to be unworthy

June - Our direct sales at market changed our minds about farmers' markets (THANK YOU)

July - Two ten pound of Tickled was released and sold within hours

August - Two ten pound of Tipsy was released and sold within hours. I didn't make more because fresh cheese was front and center on the demand list.

September - We took the market mascot goat to Lexington and had a blast!

October - Merlin came home and got to work immediately on breeding season. Finally, a black angus heifer landed on our property for new adventures awaiting!

And now, November. Dreary, dreary November. The weather has been plum gorgeous, attitudes - not so much. With the new tribe of does amongst other trials and errors we shut down the building a little early for some much needed down time (ha, not really) and time to think. Meanwhile, we're humbled by your desperation for our products for the holidays. It wont happen today, but it will happen one day.

In closing, we'll be debuting a NEW product November 21, at Big Spring Farm from 1-5pm. You've seen our TRUE Goat Milk Soap and now it has a companion: TRUE Goat Milk Lotion and I'll have to say, IT'S DEVINE. With minimal ingredients and the number one attribute being our fresh goat milk, it's been a crowd pleaser so far. We hope to meet you and beg for your patience as this year just needed to end earlier for us.... ....for all of us.

For now, take care!


Merlin, covering the ladies a new generation of tribe members coming 2021.

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